Welcome to Sandollar RV Park on Crystal Beach! We cultivate a peaceful atmosphere and value mutual respect among guests. We expect our guests to abide by our Park’s rules for everyone’s safe and pleasant stay. Sandollar RV Park reserves the right to adjust Park’s rules.

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if the reservation is canceled 14 days before the scheduled arrival.

No refunds on cancellations within the 14 days of reservation arrival

No refunds for holiday or special event weekends

If you need to cancel your reservation, please cancel online. Email cancellation requests are not accepted. No refunds for early checkouts. Reservations cannot be sold or transferred.

Refunds will be issued based on the above policy unless the authorities issue a Mandatory evacuation for Bolivar Peninsula. In which case then, a full refund will apply.


Check-In/Check Out:

Check-in time is 1:00 pm or later, check-out time is 11:00 am on the day of departure. If you will be arriving after 6:00 pm, please call
((409) 787-7095)

Late departures will be charged for an additional night.

Quiet Hours:

10:00 pm - 8:00 am. Children under 16 must return to their own site by 10:00 pm. During this time voices, activity, and other noises must be kept to a minimum. Be mindful that normal-speaking voices can carry. Outside music and TVs should be turned off.


A maximum of 6 people allowed (including registered guests and visitors) per site at any given time. Your reservation includes two adults and four children per site.

Vehicles and Trailers:

You are permitted one RV, two vehicles, and one golf cart. Please keep all vehicles on gravel surfaces. Do not park at a different site or on the park road.


Tents of any kind are prohibited in the park. This includes anything attached to any type of camper, truck, van, or any vehicle.

Speed Limit:

5mph or less throughout the park.


To prevent grass fires, we ask that fires stay in the designated area that we have provided. Please be responsible when having a campfire and keep contained in the fire pit only. Campfires should be extinguished before retiring for the night and should never be left unattended. Fire pits are not to be used for garbage cans – only newspaper, kindling and firewood should be burned in the fire pit.


Dog runs/leashes or clotheslines on trees.
Dumping of any grill drippings/grease onto the grounds or in fire pits.
Camping Tents, Tarps any type of camper without hookups.
Trailers that are capable of hauling livestock even though they may be RVIA certified.
Overnight use of any kind of outside lighting.
Disorderly behavior.


All units must be factory-manufactured only. Any type of camper without hookups. Only furniture intended for outdoor use is allowed outside. Avoid clutter and eyesores like tools, wood piles boxes, empty flowerpots. Storage under the RV is not permitted.

General Housekeeping:

Please keep your campsite clean during your stay and leave the campsite in the same condition you found it in when you arrived.


All parents/caregivers are responsible for the appropriate behavior of their children. Parents/guardians will be financially liable for damages caused by their children. Your children must be always supervised. Children are not allowed at another resident’s site unless they were invited. Parents, please make your children aware of these rules.


Please help us keep the restrooms and bathhouses clean and ready to use by others by picking up after yourself. Young children are not allowed in the restrooms or laundry without an adult present.

Golf Carts:

Must be registered at check-in. No one under the age of 16 years old is permitted to drive any cart without a parent/guardian on board. Golf carts must have proof of liability insurance and be shown a minimum of $100,000 in personal injury and property damage held on the golf cart. All golf carts must be properly lit after dark.

Laundry Facilities:

Do not leave laundry unattended.


ABSOLUTELY no trash bags left outside of campers at night. Please keep your site tidy. Only household-generated garbage should be placed in the dumpster. No hazardous or flammable items are to be thrown into the dumpster, including ash from grills, cigarettes, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT LITTER- this includes cigarette butts. If management must clean your site, there will be a $100 charge to the card on file.

Sewer Connections:

Use of rubber doughnut or watertight collar on all sewer connections is required. Please leave your sewer valve closed until you are ready to dump, this allows your chemicals to do its job.

TV and Internet:

Sandollar RV Park will provide free Wi-Fi, however, due to an island nature we do not guarantee speed or service.

Alcohol & Drugs:

Absolutely no public display. Please keep it contained in a koozie or cup. At Sandollar RV Park we strive to make the best camping experience possible for all. We have chosen to designate our park as a drug-free area. The use of any recreational drugs, legal or otherwise, will result in an early departure for the offenders. Excessive public intoxication will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate expulsion.


Smoking is not allowed in any of the park buildings.


All pets must be always accompanied by their owner and vaccinations must be up to date. Clean up after your pet immediately. Please make sure the bag is sealed and disposed of in the dumpster. All dogs are required to be on a leash that is no longer than 6 ft. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. Pets are not to be left unattended. Sandollar RV Park is not liable for injured or lost pets.

Campsite Boundaries:

Please respect other campers’ sites and refrain from crossing others’ campsites. Please stay on roads and designated paths throughout the grounds. This is a family-friendly park. Campers’ activities shall not interfere with other Campers’ use and quiet enjoyment of their site. Disturbing others, disorderly conduct, fighting or obscene language may result in eviction.


Please enter the campsite with safety and caution. Damages to Sandollar RV park property is the financial responsibility of the registered guest.


Must be reported to management and have a report filed no later than 24 hours after occurrence.


The sale or solicitation of any product is NOT allowed.

Disregard for campground rules, causing dissension among other campers, or conduct deemed improper by the management is cause for immediate eviction without notice or refund.

Sandollar RV Park is privately owned. Sandollar RV Park and its agents, employees, and representatives will not be responsible for and assume no liability in the event of loss due to fire, theft, accidents, Mother Nature, or any other loss whether it may be injury or loss of property. Management also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to evict without prior notice anyone who creates a disturbance, nuisance, or deliberately breaks any of the park's policies. Eviction will be immediate and without any reimbursement of camping fees.

Sandollar RV Park is not a full-time residence property. It is for vacationing and seasonal stays only. The ownership does not have a tenant/landlord relationship with any daily/weekly or extended stay guest.

The above information and rates are subject to change without notice.

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